About Her

Governess, Mistress, Madame


In Her Own Words

I am a Domina, a Governess, a Mistress, a Goddess;
A Lady of Intellect, Charm, and Beautiful Cruelty. 

My acolytes and submissives come to Me for Salvation; they bow in submission to the sting of My whips, revel in rapture at the feel of My cannings, and find ecstasy in being bound to My Rule. 

I expect My acolytes and submissives to be obedient in all that I Command;

and to fulfill My Orders with humiliating grace. I expect nothing less than Perfection, and will Purge imperfections from My Sight and Being.

Her Specialties

Nota Bene

Samantha is NOT an escort and does not provide any sexual services.

Any, all solicitations for aforementioned services will result in an immediate termination of

communication and session, and result in immediate banning from premise.



Corporal Punishment

Equine and Pet Training

Whipping, Canning, Flogging

Maid, Hand-Maid, Feminization

Servitude and Submission Training





Mental Domination

Full and Partial Body Bondage

Sensory Limitation and Deprivation

Samantha adhere's to a strict RACK and SSC standard of safety.

Failure to abide by Her Safety Regulations will result in a termination of service.