Her Crafts

Experience the sublime.

Erotic Roleplay

Seeking a reprieve from the humdrum of daily life? Allow yourself to slip into the realm of creative eroticism, with a digital tryst of fantasies and desires. Suddenly work days will be much more engaging. 

Rates: $30 to $200


For those seeking direct interaction with Her, but are long distance or require discretion, She can be viewed on Chaturbate on Monday and Thursday Nights, 7:30-11pm USA EST.

Rates: See Live Session

Letter & Keepsakes

Recall an era before the advent of technology; when we existed in physical experiences.

Enjoy a lovers note -- hand written, exquisitely worded -- or a unique keepsake designed to tantalize the senses.

Rates: $50 - $1000



Surrender to Her, and leave the mundane behind. Learn to accept your place at Her Altar. Take Communion from Her every whim and order. Yield to Her, and find the release you seek.

Rates: $200 per hour

"It begins in the mind, entwining our thoughts, our actions, our selves...

it's A beautiful, haunting thing;that murmurs ecstasies over and over, Spending us and bringing us back to it once more. That's what it is, what it means, to Be spelled:

It's to be enthralled. It's to Know How to

Fetishize Thyself."

- Samantha

Coming Soon


In the near future, acolytes will have the opportunity to subscribe to Her OnlyFans account, and be granted access to Her more risque work.

Samantha adhere's to a strict RACK and SSC standard of safety.

Failure to abide by Her Safety Regulations will result in a termination of service.