Play Time!


Finally want to schedule an in-person play session?

Well there's a few things you should know:

Firstly:  I am a switchy-brat-sadomasochist!  

I am a playful, bubbly,  sadistic-masochist, who is 1587.13% a smart ass!

If you are looking for a very rigid or sexual play partner, I'm probably not the right match for ya - I include laughter and sassiness in my sessions!.

#2:  I am 18+; body positive; and gender/ sex/ race/ religion inclusive!

I am a big believer that BDSM, kink, and fetish  is for everyone; and like to help folks  learn, practice, and experience  healthy consensual BDSM! 


Point C:  SSC, RACK, and PRICK are my jam!

If you don't  know what  those three  stand for,  go goggle it!  I require folks who want to play with me to be informed on those three prior to playtime. 

SophiaDear is a Sex Educator, Professional BDSM Play Partner, and Legal Adult Model

She is not an escort, and does not offer sexual services or engage in illegal activities.