Welcome to my corner of the internet! 


I'm sure you've noticed by now that my domain name doesn't match my online name -- reason being is that NotJustSamantha was the ProDomina name I went by, up until I realized I feel more connected to my  original fetish name: SophiaDear.


Alas, I had already paid for the domain name, and simply don't feel like going though the hassle of purchasing a new one. So! The domain name shall remain the same, however the content is dedicated to SophiaDear: the bubbly, playful, sex educator, professional BDSM play partner, and legal adult model that is moi! 

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Look how cute it is!!

SophiaDear is a Sex Educator, Professional BDSM Play Partner, and Legal Adult Model

She is not an escort, and does not offer sexual services or engage in illegal activities.